The Last Dreamer

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Published by: Lake Union Publishing
Release Date: December 15, 2015
Pages: 228
ISBN13: 978-1503949645


Iliana Passing—wife, mother, and former acclaimed journalist—gave up her career to start a family. Almost fifteen years later, despite how much she loves her husband and kids, she can’t help wondering how she ended up with a life spent carpooling and running errands.

Ready to get back into the journalism game, Iliana searches for an exciting lead. When she discovers that Jeff Downs, the heartthrob star of an old TV show and her girlhood crush, now owns a nearby textile company, she thinks she’s found her story: teen celebrity and its aftermath. But as Iliana gets to know Jeff, the two grow closer than she ever could’ve imagined. Now that her teenage dream has walked into her present-day reality, how far will she go to entertain an old fantasy?

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“In this engaging debut novel, Josselsohn delves into the anxieties and insecurities of modern womanhood as well as the whims of a celebrity-obsessed culture.”
– Kirkus Review

“This was a fast-paced, entertaining debut by Barbara Josselsohn. Her piercing depiction of suburban life and the highs and lows of trying to find satisfaction as a stay at home mom and supportive wife is almost painful to read it is so dead on. Josselsohn’s compassion for the “dreamer,” the aging former teeny-bop star, allows us to feel compassion for her protagonist and for anyone who has let life slip by and is living in the past, and also gives us hope that if you are honest with yourself and expand your horizons, everyone is capable of success.”
—Amazon Review, 5 STARS

"The Last Dreamer by Barbara Solomon Josselsohn is a sharply observant and emotionally thoughtful story that focuses a laser eye on a single moment in a woman’s life, where a choice made in haste leads to a parade of unanticipated consequences… honest and unflinching in its examination of human nature, our doubts and fears as we grow older, and wonder, and possibly grieve, over the road(s) not taken… Every character in this book is so well drawn and relatable."
—Barbara Taylor Sissel, best-selling author of nine novels including FAULTLINES and CROOKED LITTLE LIES