The Inspiration Behind SECRETS

I’ve always loved historical fiction, so I was thrilled to step into this genre over the course of the last year. SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN ISLAND, my new book launching May 11th, centers around two strong women: Mia, a 32-year-old single researcher living in in modern-day Long Island, and her grandmother, Italian-born Annalisa, who was eighteen and living on an island off the Mediterranean coast during the Nazi invasion of Italy in 1943.

The fictional town of Soundport, where Mia grew up, is based on the actual town of Greenport, N.Y. a beautiful spot wedged between the bay and the sound on the eastern edge of Long Island. I had the pleasure of living in Greenport last summer, as I was completing my first draft of SECRETS. The house we rented was a block away from the shore, and it was absolutely magical, living in the very spot where I imagined that Mia did.

And if that’s not inspiration enough, check out these gorgeous sunsets we witnessed! People would come from all over and set their chairs up on the beach each night so they could enjoy this remarkable show in the sky.

There were many types of inspiration that guided me as I wrote SECRETS. Perhaps most important, the book is based on the story of an actual island and castle. It was fascinating to explore and discover so many fascinating historical aspects as I researched the book. In the future, I will be sharing some of what I uncovered that I hope will enrich your enjoyment of my novel. So stay tuned, and thanks for being part of this adventure!


  1. Rosemary Nickerson on October 27, 2023 at 5:14 pm

    I so enjoyed your book and was tickled by the references to my home in Greenport. My very Italian mother, who decorated the home, would be proud to know that the environment she helped create allowed and nurtured a creative space for you.

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