Winter Drinks and Fuzzy Socks Giveaway, Bucket Lists and more!

You know how it feels to cross something big off your bucket list?

My bucket list got a little lighter last month as I set foot on the beautiful island of Oahu! I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t want to visit Hawaii. But for a New Yorker like me, Hawaii is soooo far away, and having the time (and money!) for such a big vacation always seemed beyond reach. And yet my family and I recently spent eight glorious days there! The weather, the ocean, the foods, the views, and the unforgettable memorial at Pearl Harbor—it was even more magical than I’d dreamed.

And already I’m thinking of setting a book there…

Of course, for me, a trip to any city isn’t complete without a visit to the local bookstore—and a stroll to the stacks to see if I can spot one of my books. And there it was, at the Barnes & Noble in Waikiki! A lovely woman named Deanne, who came from Australia, saw me snapping a photo and asked why. “This is my book!” I said excitedly, and she was excited too—so much that she took this photo and then asked to take one on her phone so she could tell people she’d met an American author!!

Barnes and Noble in Waikiki

Turning the Page

So…with that lovely experience behind me, and Halloween in the rear-view mirror too (our pup, Albie, went as a frog!), it’s time to talk… holidays! I have lots of book news, giveaway updates, and more. So read on! (But first, I have to show you Albie because he was just so cute).

Albie’s Halloween costume — a frog

The New Edition of The Lilac House Has Launched

I’m just tickled over this new edition of The Lilac House, my 2020 release, which has a new cover and cute, petite size suitable to take on the run – in small purses, fanny packs, and even some coat pockets. Or maybe to slip into a (large) Christmas stocking! You’ll find it at Walmart and other mass market stores as well as online here. Looking for an easily portable present for the readers in your life? I hope you’ll include this new edition in your gift plans!

The Lilac House Mass Market edition with Christmas gifts

2nd Annual Winter Drinks and Fuzzy Socks Giveaway

The Cranberry Inn, my holiday romance, is celebrating its one-year birthday on November 15th. Readers made the book a big success last year, and with the holidays approaching, now it’s my turn to give something back! We had fun last year with the favorite winter drink contest when the book first launched – so much that I’m ready to do it again! Welcome to the 2nd Annual Winter Drinks and Fuzzy Socks Contest – where the prizes are a copy of The Cranberry Inn along with an imprinted mug and a pair of cozy socks!

To enter: choose your favorite winter beverage—spiked or not!—and post the name, recipe, and a picture if you have it on your favorite social media site. Tag me (you can see my social media info in the footer of this post) and that’s it! You’ll get an entry for every recipe you post and every site you post to. Good luck!

What I’m Reading

SEVEN DAYS IN JUNE by Tia Williams

I just loved this sexy, quick-paced story of two writers reuniting after secretly writing about one another for the last 15 years! So fun and a Reese Witherspoon Book Club pick!

THE PLOT by Jean Hanff Korelitz

I was hooked by this intriguing story about one writer’s life and the questionable way he gets his idea for what becomes his breakout book—but the story then took a surprising twist into the thriller realm. I was riveted!

Have you read either of these? What did you think?


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