To London, To London, To Visit… My Editor!

How did you start the new year?

I hope the beginning of 2024 delivered exactly what you were hoping for – whether that was a wonderful adventure, a heartwarming personal connection, a spark of joy or a moment of serenity—whatever you most desired!

As for me, I started the year by crossing off something on my bucket list: I finally met my editor—the incredible professional whose insight, judgment, wisdom and support has been key to the six books I’ve published over the last five years!

You see, while I live in New York, my publisher is Bookouture, an imprint of Hachette UK – meaning that Jennifer, my editor, is based in London. Well, January is not exactly the best time of year to visit that storied city, as it can be grey and rainy, and sunset comes awfully early! Still, I wanted so badly to see her, and the beginning of January was pretty quiet for me. So my husband, my younger daughter (who was on school break), and I quickly put together a five-day trip.

Even if you’ve talked to someone by phone and/or seen them on videochat numerous times, there’s nothing like being face to face! Jennifer and I had a delightful lunch at the Oxo Tower, with its iconic views of St. Paul’s across the Thames. Then I got the chance to spend some time at the Bookouture office, where I met the marketing, PR, sales, administration and editorial staffs—all the incredibly talented people who work so hard to bring my book and the books of many other authors to you!

My husband, daughter, and I stayed at a beautiful hotel called the St. Ermin’s – a legendary place that dates back centuries and actually housed British spies during World War 2. As a writer who specializes in World War 2, I was so taken with this aspect of the hotel’s past – and with its incredible display of artifacts dating back to that era.

If you have a chance, please drop me a note to let me know how you started off 2024!

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