Love at First Sight?

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Valentine’s Day always makes me think of a couple I’ve known for a long time, a couple for whom the phrase “love at first sight” had to have been invented! I’ll call them Jackie and Scott, and they met while they were each traveling through Europe on a post-college jaunt. Jackie was with some girlfriends, and Scott was with his best buddies, when their paths crossed for a few quick minutes somewhere in Italy.

Although they didn’t have time for more than a few words, they each saw something in the other that they didn’t want to lose. So they exchanged phone numbers and promised to connect once they returned back home.

Things weren’t so easy back in the U.S., however, as Jackie and Scott lived in different states and both had careers to go back to. Still, they made room in their lives for one another, found ways and times to be together, and eventually combined those lives into one. They married, raised kids, and are still together, and in love, to this very day.

As an author of stories that revolve around families, I often find myself thinking about the ways that people come together. While Jackie and Scott fell in love in an instant, I have other friends who knew each other for years and years before they decided they wanted to spend their lives together.

Love between partners, siblings, parents and children, friends or relatives—it can be easy or hard, seamless or fraught, long-lasting or not. But it’s stories of love, discovered and celebrated, that inspire me and fuel my imagination. How about you? Is there a love story that makes you smile? If so, I’d love to hear about it. Drop me a note!

My upcoming release, the third book in my Sisters of War series, which launches this summer, is largely about the love between sisters. There’s also some romance in there, too! I’ve so enjoyed digging into Emilia’s story – the youngest of the three sisters – as she seeks to finally reunite with the other two while war rages on. I also am so grateful to everyone who read, reviewed, and loved the first two books in the series — SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN ISLAND and THE LOST GIFT TO THE ITALIAN ISLAND. I’m especially proud to share that THE LOST GIFT has been Amazon’s Best Seller in Italian Historical Fiction almost continuously since it’s launch in December!

I can’t wait to share more with you about Emilia’s story in the coming months, including the cover, description, and pre-order information.. Stay tuned!

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