Meet my newest book! Introducing SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN ISLAND

I am so very excited to share with you the title, cover, and description of my upcoming release, SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN ISLAND!

This book is so special to me, and I hope it will prove special to you, too! I’ve always loved historical fiction, and I am thrilled to step into this genre. SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN ISLAND centers around two strong women: Mia, a 32-year-old single researcher living in in modern-day Long Island, and her grandmother, Italian-born Annalisa, who was eighteen and living on an island off the Mediterranean coast during the Nazi invasion of Italy in 1943.

The Story

Italy, 1943. A castle once full of love and laughter is left in ruins by the Nazis, as three sisters are torn apart by one terrible mistake…

New York, present day. Broken by the loss of her beloved grandmother Annalisa, who raised her all alone, Mia is shocked when she finds an old letter sent from Italy in her belongings. Annalisa never told Mia about the magnificent, vine-covered castle on Isola di Parissi where she spent one long summer under the Italian stars. Or that she was accused of something terrible in the darkest days of World War Two…

Arriving on the stunning Italian coast just a boat ride away from Parissi, Mia is devastated to find the island closed to visitors. Desperate to find out what her grandmother was hiding, she finds dark and brooding local guide Leo, who promises to help her sneak in.

As they explore the crumbling castle surrounded by lush olive groves, Mia begins to fall in love with passionate Leo and the beautiful country he calls home. And soon they find handwritten notes hidden in the walls, which confirm her grandmother’s heartbreaking story. Annalisa arrived on the island with her two sisters but was forced to abandon them when the Nazis invaded.

Mia soon realizes that the accusation against Annalisa might be true, and that Leo has his own reasons for wanting to dig up her family’s past. The terrible mistake Annalisa made tore apart the island community. Will it force Mia to leave Leo, and Italy, forever?

Preorders start today

SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN ISLAND is set to release on May 11—and the pre-order period is now underway. As you know, the weeks leading up to a book’s release are so important to an author, so I hope you’ll go online and consider ordering yourself a copy! And if you do, I’ll enter you in a giveaway for a chance to win your choice of an ebook copy of any other of my novels! Just email me with a copy of the confirmation!

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Looking Ahead

SECRETS OF THE ITALIAN ISLAND is based on the story of an actual castle. It was fascinating to explore and discover so many fascinating historical aspects. In the future, I will be sharing some of what my research uncovered that I hope will enrich your enjoyment of my novel. So stay tuned, and thanks for being part of this adventure!


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