Improbably Yours by Kerry Anne King

By Barbara Josselsohn / August 26, 2022

A heartfelt journey, a grandmother’s love, a quirky setting, some well-intentioned ghosts, an unusual cast of characters, and a satisfying love story—who else but Kerry Anne King could bake up these ingredients into a magical, moving, and totally delightful story? A pleasure from start to finish, and so classically Kerry! Out on Oct. 18, pre-order…

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The End…

By Barbara Josselsohn / August 18, 2022

“The End.” For an author, those words are magical but so elusive—and this summer, they were mine! Just a few weeks ago, I finally typed The End on the first draft of my next novel, which is set to launch in May 2023. Of course, there’s plenty of hard work still ahead — at least…

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Father-daughter memoir duo: Out of the Corner and Master of Ceremonies

By Barbara Josselsohn / August 5, 2022

I can’t get enough of celebrity memoirs, especially ones written long after the intensity of fame has cooled. I love seeing how famous people make sense of their strange ascent to stardom—and how they manage once the descent sets in. This summer, I treated myself to an intriguing duo—MASTER OF CEREMONIES (published in 2016) by…

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Andrea Hoffman Goes All In by Diane Cohen Schneider

By Barbara Josselsohn / July 29, 2022

So excited to have gotten an early peek at this amazing debut by my pal Diane Cohen Schneider. It’s even better than I expected! Andrea Hoffman is an overeducated, underemployed, and unmotivated recent college graduate–until an unexpected robbery blasts her out of her funk and into a job in the finance world of early-1980s Chicago.…

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What does it mean to go home?

By Barbara Josselsohn / July 27, 2022

What does it mean to go home? I’ve been asking myself that question, having just spent a few weeks on Long Island, where I grew up. I wasn’t prepared for how strange it felt to settle in – to travel on the streets I would drive on when I was a kid, to visit restaurants…

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THE MATCHMAKER’S GIFT by Lynda Cohen Loigman — a luscious book about the magic of love

By Barbara Josselsohn / July 22, 2022

    I was so lucky to get an early look at this luscious book  about the magic of love and the mysterious way connections are made! Abby’s grandmother, Sara, was a matchmaker – a power that Abby, a single New York divorce lawyer, confronts in unexpected ways as she figures out the right path…

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Nora Goes Off Script — a truly remarkable book

By Barbara Josselsohn / June 17, 2022

  A truly remarkable book! As a writer, I found myself marveling at how Annabel Monaghan so effortlessly gets all the elements right – the complex characters, the strong sense of place, the compelling love story, the humor, the irresistible plot and the ending that feels both surprising and inevitable. But more important, as a…

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Thanks, Batavia Library!

By Barbara Josselsohn / June 10, 2022

My mother was the assistant to the director of Syosset Library when I was growing up, so the library was my second home. I loved being around all the books and the people who read, shelved, and recommended them. I thought it was so special that I saw places few others could — like the…

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An exploration of the nature of reality in Brett’s page turning novel The Schrödinger Girl

By Barbara Josselsohn / May 6, 2022

In The Schrödinger Girl by Laurel Brett, Garrett Adams, a psychology professor, meets Daphne, a compelling young woman who appears to exist as four separate versions of herself – and suddenly everything changes. In a word, Garrett is obsessed: Can he understand who Daphne is and what’s behind her seemingly impossible multiple existences? With the…

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A Delicious Old Hollywood Read

By Barbara Josselsohn / April 29, 2022

  I enjoyed this quick read, with its delicious depiction of Old Hollywood seen through the eyes of a fictional one-time movie star ready to share her life story. But I was also struck by the serious questions underlying the story: When is it time to tell the truth? To whom do you tell it?…

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